High Folly: Jonathan McCree

4 February - 20 March 2021

Jonathan McCree will present an ambitious new installation of sculpture and painting in February 2021.


The exhibition will showcase new sculptural structures, architectural in scale yet light enough to be moved, which offer up new possibilities for engagement and reconfiguration. This exhibition is an exciting next step in McCree’s experimental practice, always pushing to uncover new strategies for exploring spatial ideas and qualities.

The structures are comprised of ambiguous shapes, arranged into columns, which change and alter as the audience moves around them. They are in collaboration with their audience, a tangible addition to their environment, providing a personal connection between the two, shifting and altering depending on the viewers perspective. Sculpted in cardboard and occasionally produced in metal, the painted shapes are built alone but operate together to become more than the sum of their parts.

McCree’s paintings and drawings further tell of encounters; a series of moments, records of movement and emotion through space, with abstract mark-making and Baroque-like structures. Exploring lived experience in the body, paint and painting serves not only as a visual medium, but as a performative one, a study of the physical across space and time.