Jonathan McCree

Painting and performance, painting as performance and the performances of paintings. Jonathan McCree works with film, installation, painting and sculpture as a record of movement and emotion through space. He pushes the boundaries of what is normally perceived as architecture and demonstrates how experimental practice can help uncover new strategies for exploring spatial ideas and qualities. Materiality and structure are main considerations, giving way to a deeper understanding of the spaces we navigate on a daily basis. He works with traditional notions of architecture but also with the architecture of the body and the mind. With references to the historical, the biographical and the quotidian, McCree’s work reflects a series of moments, the concept of potential, a space where anything can happen. Exploring lived experience in the body, paint, and painting, serves not only as a visual medium, but as a performative one, a study of the physical across space and time.


“anything can be a painting; marks on a sheet of paper or canvas, a dance, a film, a crowd” through a merging of artistic genres in a site-specific environment that challenges preconceived notions of the role of the viewer from the moment they enter the space.”