Daisy Parris

Daisy Parris is a painter of psychological space. Direct text-based works and abstract paintings are made up of a vernacular that has developed through experience, relationships and through the depths and the peaks of their human existence thus far. Parris brings intimacy, insight and integrity to their paintings with great psychological and emotional force. The work is imbued with the sensitivity of one who feels everything, taking us through unflinching narratives and moments of reflection and tenderness. An ode to human existence, their work is sometimes silent, sometimes savage, with paintings that construct self portraits of personal battles and triumphs in a fast moving yet contemplative assault on the canvas.

Daisy Parris (b. 1993, Kent, UK) lives and works betwen London and Somerset, UK


Solo Exhibitions


I see you in everyone I love, Sim Smith, London, UK

The Warm Glow, James Fuentes, New York, USA


Pain For Home, M+B, Los Angeles, USA

Rocks Are Heavy, Makasiini Contemporary, Turku, Finland

Poem For Home, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


Star-Studded Canopy, Sim Smith, London, UK

The Worry Tree, Ruttkowski;68, Paris, France


All The Cars Are Looking At Me, The Bomb Factory, London, UK


Daisy Parris, Blank100, Dalston, London, UK

Poem, Las Palmas Project, Lisbon, Portugal

Hope I Dream Of You Tonight, The Chopping Block, Peckham, London, UK


Vacant Seasons, The Chopping Block Gallery, Peckham, London, UK


Group Exhibitions


Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai, China (upcoming)

A Thing for the Mind, Timothy Taylor, London, UK

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm, Nicodim Gallery, New York, USA

Necessity, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden


36 Paintings, Harper's Books, East Hampton, New York, USA

Up Close!, CFHill, Stockholm, Sweden


Talk Like Strangers, with Nico Stone, Sebastian Helling and Jesse Littlefield, Part 2 Gallery, Oakland, California, USA


What Kind Of Spirit Is This?, Sim Smith, London, UK

Rude Assembly Part 4, Sydney, Australia

Feels Like Forever Ago, collaboration work with Laurie Vincent, Rochester Art Gallery, UK


Aberrant Ad Libs with Bridge Mullen, Next To Nothing, New York, USA

Can Everyone Cope, The Chopping Block, Peckham, London, UK

What Can I Say?, 301 Gallery, Monsterrat, Massachusetts, USA


What Do You Represent Now?, Plan5 Sickla, Stockholm, Sweden

Make Room, Cusp NYC, Brooklyn New York, USA

Do I Beg This Slender Inch with Thom Trojanowski Hobson and Florence Hutchings, The Chopping Block Gallery, Peckham, UK

Art The Arms Fair, Set Space London, UK

Blood, Sweat and Fears with Louis Slater and Euan Roberts, Cachette

HerOiNE: The Future Is Pink, The Square Gallery, London, UK

A Minha Casa é a Tua Casa, with Andre Mulzer and Charlotte Livine, Produzentengalarie, Hamburg, Germany


Posthuman: The Figure In Ruin with Matt Bray, Sunpier House, Chatham, Kent, UK


CATRAME with Andre Mulzer, The Amersham Arms, London, UK

The Artificial Exhibition, Safehouse, London, UK

The Sleeping Giant part ii, The Amsersham Arms, London, UK

Small Bird's Nest With Blue Eggs Inside, MMX Gallery, London, UK

The Sleeping Giant, The Amersham Arms, London, UK

Friday 13th, HFBK Haus 5, Hamburg, Germany


ASA Open Studios, Hamburg, GermanyGoldsmiths Degree Show, London, UK


Chatham Dockyard with UCA, Kent, UK

Two Sides Of The Same Coin with Phil Dillon, The Brook Theatre, Chatham, Kent, UK


Selected Bibliography


'Daisy Parris Paints From the Gut' Kat Hudson, FRIEZE, January 2022




BA (Hons) Fine Art, Goldsmiths University, London, UK


Awards & Residencies


ASA Art School Alliance, Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg, Germany