Abroad From Earth: Tim Garwood

6 February - 12 March 2020

Sim Smith is delighted to present 'Abroad From Earth', the debut solo exhibition by British artist Tim Garwood at the gallery.


The title of the show alludes to looking at something from afar, distanced yet connected, a blurry retrieval and returning to consciousness of a memory.


Working by combining paint with found materials, Garwood reconstructs elements of sensory memory and impressions long after the original moment has passed. The making is quite subconscious, retrieving the sense of a memory while simultaneously linking the work to the present. The paintings are sensitive and robust at the same time; delicate and romantic, chaotic and vulnerable.


In this show, Garwood takes us on an adventure, a journey through the painterly reconstruction of the sense of a memory, through graphic colour choices and universally recognisable symbols. He deconstructs compositions whilst implementing his strong understanding of colour theory and line weight. As a result, different memories take on different forms; painted photographs from boating holidays pick out seemingly abstract shapes, the repeated motif of his grandfather's sailboat depicted by the visceral stroke of a brush, collaged and found materials, Royal Mail stamps and spurts of intensely saturated canvas set against soft clouds of colour where canal locks float to mystical effect.


Like the trail of fast-moving lights in the darkness, Garwood weaves memory paths and traces of biography in an intoxicating representation of sensory experience. However, his work is not solely concerned with personal history but with collective experience, associations, relationships and above all the exploration of painting itself.


Tim Garwood (b, 1984, UK) lives and works in London. Garwood has established himself through his distinctive works on canvas, glass, paper and eclectic assemblage, works that position themselves somewhere between painting and sculpture. Garwood has exhibited in London, Madrid, Miami and New York. 'Abroad From Earth' is his first solo exhibition at the gallery.