CURRENT EXHIBITION: Plan B at David Zwirner and the previous Paula Cooper Gallery

06/03/19 - 09/03/19

Plan B

A Pop-up Exhibition, March 6–9, 2019

We will be showing new paintings by Tim Garwood

Plan B is a pop-up exhibition born out of love and support for the arts, occurring within the heart of the Chelsea Arts District and featuring galleries from all over the world.

Plan B is made possible thanks to the generosity of Peter Hort, Rema Hort Mann Foundation, David Zwirner, and RiSBE, as well as colleagues within the arts community, coupled with support and facilitation by team VOLTA and Quang Bao (1969 Gallery director).

“I’ve been completely floored by the outpouring of support from the art world at large. It reminds me that we are a community.” — Peter Hort, Collector

"We are supporting this initiative because we believe in facilitating the production of lemonade out of these lemons. We don’t want this to be a sad sob story but a story of community coming together and we're hoping that with the publicity, people will make the effort to go see these galleries and artists.” — Amanda Coulson, VOLTA Artistic Director

“We understand how important an art fair in New York is for an out-of-town gallery, and this is the least we can do. It's simple: we have a space that we are not using, and we have friends in the neighborhood whom we could ask to join us in providing space. Please come to Plan B and see the work that these galleries have brought to New York.” — David Zwirner, Founder David Zwirner Gallery

A full list of galleries and artists will follow shortly. Admission is free.

Plan B
525 W 19 St + 534 W 21 St
Opening Wednesday, March 6, 9AM – 5PM
Thursday – Saturday, March 7-9, 10AM – 6PM

CURRENT EXHIBITION: Art on Paper, New York Booth #801

07/03/19 - 10/03/19

Due to the cancellation of VOLTA New York we are pleased to announce that we have been offered a space to exhibit at Art on Paper Fair in New York over the same period (7-10th March).

We will be presenting a two person show of new works by Tim Garwood and David Surman.

If you would like to receive tickets to the fair then please email, and we will leave them at the entrance of the fair for you.


06/03/19 - 10/03/19

We are now showing at Art on Paper Fair instead, see post above for details. 

Statement from VOLTA NY:

"Due to extraordinary circumstances beyond our control, VOLTA New York has been postponed for 2019. 

On February 20, the City of New York notified our parent company that significant portions of Pier 92 — one of The Armory Show’s two piers (traditionally housed on 94 and 92) — were not structurally sound and would therefore not be accessible for their fair to take place. Following immediate work to identify a safe, alternative location and after considering all feasible options, the majority of Pier 92 exhibitions and activations will relocate to Pier 90. The consensus reached from this intense investigation into alternative venues left VOLTA with the most favorable and realistic solution to postpone its New York operations until next year."

New Gallery Space Opening

May 2019

Sim Smith is proud to announce that we are relocating to a new permanent space in South East London. Our new home will be in a Georgian townhouse in Camberwell. We are currently refurbishing the galleries and are looking forward to launching a full programme of exhibitions in the Spring of 2019.

In the meantime we are able to offer appointments to view works at our temporary viewing room in Camberwell. Please email us if you would like to arrange this. 

PULSE Miami Beach

06/12/18 - 09/12/18

Sim Smith will return to PULSE Miami Beach with new work by Tim Garwood, Jonathan McCree and Bradley Wood. The gallery is also delighted to present an ambitious installation of new work by British artist David Surman. The presentation of over 50 works includes oil paintings, monotypes and unique works on paper.

Sim Smith welcomes David Surman


Sim Smith is looking forward to working with British artist David Surman. The first in a number of planned collaborative projects will be an extensive presentation of recent works at PULSE Miami Beach this December. 

We will be exhibiting over 50 unique pieces including oil paintings, monotypes, drawings and paintings on paper. 

Jonathan McCree - Monticello d’Arte, Italy

19/05/18 - 03/07/18

Jonathan McCree will exhibit in Monticello d’Arte, an exhibition at the 12th Century Castle of Monticello, curated by Carla Testore and organized by the Commune di Monticello, Italy. The exhibition follows a residency at the castle.

McCree will present a new site specific installation made during the residency and some recent paintings, alongside work by Paul Statham and Jo Dennis.

The exhibition runs concurrently with the installation of Valerio Berruti’s work Camouflage, in the countryside surrounding the castle.

Press Conference 19 May,  Exhibition dates 19 May- 3 June

Castello di Monticello d'Alba
Piazza San Ponzio
12066 Monticello d'Alba, Italy



….it’s been a while! The gallery has had a bit of a hiatus as I had a baby at the end of last year. 
I want to say a massive thank you to my wonderful artists and everyone else for your support. I am grateful that the memory of an horrendous pregnancy is fading fast as we enjoy spending time with our beautiful little girl. 
I am really looking forward to the exhibitions and projects that we are developing and to getting the gallery programme up and running again towards the end of the year. 
See you soon, Sim x

Jonathan McCree - Array, Art Licks Weekend

28/09/17 - 01-10-17

Jonathan McCree will form part of Array for Art Licks 2017.

Array is a response to this year's theme ‘Finding Solutions’ in relation to concerns about space and visibility for emerging artists and curators in today’s fluctuating landscape. Due to the nature and materiality of this project, the exhibition is transient and can both occupy space and disappear by the folding and unfolding of the fabric. The exhibition will become activated (unfolded) when approached by members of the public. Array presents 10 emerging artists whose work incorporates painting, sculpture and collage. In keeping with the tone of the exhibitions materiality, the works address ideas surrounding place, visibility and temporality.

Fordham Park (Entrance on the corner of Achilles Street and Clifton Rise), SE14 6JP

Exhibiting artists: Milly Peck, Brian Michael Dunn, Lotte Rose, Jessie Churchill, Asger Harbou Gjerdevik, Realf Heygate, Oli Epp, Jonathan McCree, Doug Bowen, Jeff Ko, Jeremy Hutchison.

Array is a joint project by KoProjects & Looking at Painting.

Bradley Wood wins The Moth Prize 2017


The Moth Art Prize is awarded to a body of figurative or representational work. Wood will spend two weeks making work at The Moth Residential Studio in a beautiful lakeland setting in rural Ireland, along with a travel stipend of €1,000.

Tim Garwood - House of St Barnabas, Soho, London

07/07/17 - 07-07-18

Tim Garwood will install 5 large scale paintings in The Soho Room at the House of St Barnabas. 

Private View 7th of July 2017

Tim Garwood - Artist Rooms, Copeland Gallery

22/06/17 - 30/06/17

Nicolas Feldmeyer, Nike Neevola, Tim Garwood, Sungfeel Yun, Kristian Kragelund.

Curated by Alexander Caspari.

Private view Thursday 22nd June, 6-9pm.

Copeland Gallery. 133 Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN

Art Central, Hong Kong

21/03 - 25/03/2017

SIM SMITH is pleased to participate in the third edition of Art Central. 

The gallery will exhibit recent paintings by Bradley Wood as part of RISE, a section dedicated to galleries and art spaces launched in the past six years presenting tightly curated solo and dual artist presentations by early career artists.

Jonathan McCree x New Movement Collective: Do Be Do Be Do…


One off presentation of Do Be Do Be Do…, the 2016 collaboration between painter Jonathan McCree and dancers from New Movement Collective.

The event has now reached capacity. 

Jonathan McCree - Revive!

07/12 - 18/12/2016

Revive! invites a discovery and exploration of the mysterious crypt underneath St Mary Magdalene Church built by George Edmund Street, a highly original, influential and radical Gothic Revivalist architect. 

The artists have created site-specific works to reinvent and reinterpret this intimate space exploring issues such as ritual and spirituality, memory and presence, death and transfiguration and the notion of revivalism in our post-Brexit Britain and after Trump victory.

Revive! is the second part of a two-fold project began by Pompe and devised in reaction to Frieze Art Fair. The Dionysian procession led its followers along Regent's Park canal via a series of performances and culminated in the crypt where Revive! will take place.

Participating artists: STASIS, Pavel Pepperstein, Adam Barker-Mill, Hans Rosenström, Carolyn Barker-Mill, Alan Magee, Jonathan McCree, Niklas Gustafson and Col Self.

Revive! is organised and curated by Galitzine Mackenzie.

PULSE Miami Beach

01/12 - 04/12/2016

SIM SMITH is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the twelfth edition of PULSE Miami Beach this December. 

The gallery will present two shows at the fair; a two-man exhibition of new work by British artists Tim Garwood and Jonathan McCree, which will form part of Conversations an area dedicated to exploring new visual and conceptual dialogues between two artists and a solo exhibition by Canadian Artist and PULSE Prize Nominee Bradley Wood.

If you would like to receive a VIP pass please email us on

South London Art Map Late Friday Night 6 - 8.30pm


Do Be Do Be Do... will be open late from 6 - 8.30pm - join us for a beer and an opportunity to hear the sound piece composed by Paul Statham to accompany the installation.

Elephant Magazine - Jonathan McCree


Interview in which McCree discusses the project Do Be Do Be Do...

Jonathan McCree x New Movement Collective: Do Be Do Be Do…

06/10 - 30/10/2016

Do Be Do Be Do comprises three elements: a configuration of six painted structures conceived and painted by Jonathan McCree, a film of McCree and dancers from the New Movement Collective arranged within the structure and live choreographed performance by New Movement Collective around the structures.

It is an exploration of rhythm, ambiguity and form. As the title wittily suggests, it is an exploration of the connection and the connectedness between doing and being, of summoning opportunities and limits. For McCree, painting is experienced by the audience through their bodies. Looking at painting is not a passive absorption of what is before the viewer but rather requires a full response from the individual. Apertures in the structures force the audience to negotiate the design physically; the structure invites them to move their bodies to respond to the work and to engage with it not only with their eyes but their entire selves. It is not, however, only looking through the work that is arranged by McCree. The structures act as barriers as much as invitations. While the performance is carried out there might be areas of the performance that an individual cannot see. In order to watch the dance, the viewer must move around the structures to get to where they want to be. In doing so they might obscure another part of the performance. The structures might offer a platform and a setting for the dance but they also limit and control the experience of that dance. Again, this defies passivity and asks the audience to share the responsibility of making sense of the work with both the dancers and McCree. They must decide which parts they want to see and use that to form their own experience of the work.

There is another element of unpredictability at the heart of this work, which is the presence of the dancers. While the dancers are animated by the painting and the structures, the structures themselves become reliant on the movement of the dancers to fully define the boundaries of the space that the work contains. The breadth of movement enjoyed by the dancers can expand the space the work contains while also defining its limits.

While each movement by the dancer is choreographed, and therefore predictable to a degree, it is up to the dancer how they perform. The dance can never be seen as being permanent. Inherent in dance is the idea of performance in a moment, of ephemerality. To bring painting and dance together, where they both shape each other in a continuous exchange, is to challenge the solidity of the painting itself. It is to foreground the uncertainty of the work and open up the work to a sense of the unresolved.

This sense of irresolution, of shifting, is evident in the different register of marks that form the surface of the structures. Baroque motifs collide with marks from a mechanical roller. Paint from a tube, rollers, oil sticks, even sponges for washing-up, are used to deploy different visual languages that weave across the surface, in and out of each other. This wide vocabulary of motifs sets up unexpected relationships and tensions across the surface of the work that suggests a freedom of what can occur within the painted space.

The colours chosen by McCree also hint at openness and freedom. The pinks and pale blues he uses are not primary or earthy. They seem to come from an area that leaves something floating. As McCree says, “If you use earthy colours you ground something. You’re selecting a particular structural and emotional range. I like it when it’s not quite landing.” The colours themselves might be considered to be the colours of the 18th century. They could be the colours found on the ceiling of the designer and architect Robert Adam. It is the palette that McCree has used in other works that have explored space and specifically the architecture of 18th-century churches. They are colours that McCree is attracted to but they steer away from a sense of tastefulness and decorum.

The allusion to the 18th century is given voice through the location of the work. Vauxhall has traditionally been a boundary between the cultivated and the illicit. The Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, that extended to the site of this exhibit, displayed the fruits of Georgian culture, from the music of Handel to displays by Hogarth and Tyers. The Gardens presented highly ornamented stages, art displays, music and the apotheosis of the fairground. It was a defined space that offered pleasures of every sort. Under the cover of dark those pleasures reached a new height or – depending on where you stand – depth. It was a forum where cultures and ways of being collided. It offered the best London had to offer only to be swept away by the next morning’s light. Nothing within the garden held permanence. They were spaces recorded only by the experience of the individuals who had been within them.

Do Be Do Be Do is a space of freedom, openness and collision. It is a space that will be fully recorded only in your experience of it. Its collision of dance and painting is a contemporary exploration of that lost feeling, that plucked knowledge, of a garden of pleasures.

- Edward Behrens, September 2016.

Arch 147, Newport Street, SE11 6AY

Private view: 6 October 2016, with a performance at 8 p.m.

Exhibition: 7 – 30 October 2016, 12-6 p.m. Tues-Sun

Performances: 6, 7, 8 October 2016, 8 p.m.

Bradley Wood - Human Condition, Los Angeles

01/10 - 30/11/2016

Bradley Wood will exhibit in Human Condition, an immersive site-specific exhibition comprised of over forty emerging and established artists from Los Angeles, New York, and Europe within an architecturally and psychologically challenging space:  an abandoned hospital, previously known as Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center. Curated and produced by John Wolf, the exhibition strives to return attention to West Adams, a culturally and historically rich area of Los Angeles home to over 70 historic landmarks. Around 1900, West Adams was the wealthiest neighborhood in Los Angeles home to Victorian and Craftsman homes that are now recognized as the city’s cherished architectural heritage. Human Condition will open to the public on October 1st and run through November 30, 2016.

Years of neglect is now giving way to re-development of the neighborhood that is home to many working artists and a burgeoning art scene. The exhibition will promote an underrepresented arts district on the brink of change. Engaging the local population as a backdrop through performances and community events throughout its duration, the exhibition re-contextualizes the hospital’s functional history while preserving its utilitarian form:  a venue through which artistic and contemplative responses to the human condition can be made.

Human Condition invites the artists to explore emotional responses to the physical and psychological experience an individual experiences through life. Themes of joy, pain, trauma, and elation are prevalent, similar to the overlapping and often contrasting emotions that occur inside a hospital. The viewer’s own reactions to the works are intensified by the memory of the space and contribute to an interpersonal narrative. Ranging from sculpture, drawing, painting, performance, and immersive installations, the works are displayed amongst the surgical rooms, maternity wards, a psychiatric floor and cafeteria, encourage the viewer to engage with the dilapidated remains while transcending the building’s original intention.

Many of the artists have utilized the existing architecture, hospital infrastructure and miscellanea left behind, making Human Condition an architectural investigation and rediscovery of person and place left behind in this fertile neighborhood. Similar to the human form and human life, these objects and the neighborhood from which they originate have the opportunity for redevelopment and change. Human Condition is a unique opportunity for both artists and audiences to experience artwork outside the systematic confines of a typical art space, within an uncannily familiar yet redefined platform.

Jonathan McCree - Closer To The Veg, London

23/07 - 07/08/2016

Jonathan McCree will exhibit in Closer To The Veg, curated and produced by Sasha Galitzine and Olga Mackenzie.

Exhibiting Artists: Matt Ager, Pavel Braila, Bompas and Parr, Ben Cain, Sol Calero, Lucy Evetts, Dmitri Galitzine, Alexander Glass, Pil + Galia Kollectiv, Zoe Marden, Jonathan McCree, Andrew Mealor, Paloma Proudfoot, Amanda Simon, Hermione Spriggs, Jonathan Trayte.

The earth is our source of life, it is limited and cannot be expanded, it is common to us all.

Set in the eighty-plot Fitzroy Park Allotments in Highgate, London - Closer to the Veg is a group exhibition which uses nature and land as source. The special environment of this allotment site is turned into an open-air exhibition space, with paths of discovery and discussion to be trod thoughtfully.

The project has engaged thirty resident plot-holders, initiating and encouraging them to collaborate with sixteen artists, whose largely site-specific installations will be encountered throughout the location. The show will explore themes from sustainability to destruction, loneliness and communality, labour and leisure, hunting, gathering and survival.

The public is invited to explore the allotment works and participate in related activities and performances from the ritual planting of the shiniest berry in the world to earth meditations and an evening of allotment speed-dating; ‘Pick me I’m Juicy!’

Fitzroy Park Allotments, Fitzroy Park, London N6 6HU

Open Daily 5 - 9pm 

View more information on Jonathan McCree

Art Southampton, New York

07/07 - 11/07/2016

Sim Smith will exhibit new work by Tim Garwood, Jonathan McCree and Bradley Wood. 

The fair is located on the world-renowned pastoral grounds of Nova’s Ark Project in Bridgehampton.

Julia Hamilton - The Strozzina at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

01/07 - 24/07/2016

Julia Hamilton exhibits at The Strozzina at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence as part of The Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2016.

The exhibition is designed to trigger a debate on contemporary figurative art in the work of forty-six international artists selected to mark the prestigious European award.

Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival, Somerset House, London

21/04 - 02/05/2016

Pick Me Up Graphic Art Festival returns for its seventh year, featuring top emerging illustrators and designers as well as more established names in graphic arts.

Patrick Murphy leads his project Made North which provides a creative platform that promotes contemporary northern design and craft as well as national and international design projects. For Pick Me Up, Made North present their project North & South, a series of limited edition prints by leading designers that visualise what being from the North or South means to them.

They will also launch a range of Margaret Calvert British Road Sign prints from their Anniversary project and, a new weekly podcast discussing all things design at the festival.

Jonathan McCree - Playroom, London

01 - 06/03/2016

McCree has work in Playroom curated by Sasha Galitzine and Olga Mackenzie. 

Union Club Studios, 49 Greek Street, London, W1D 4EG. 

Exhibiting Artists:

Alice Anderson, Adam Barker-Mill, Bronwen Buckeridge, Marie Jacotey, Egor Kraft, Silvia Lerin, Imogen Lloyd, Alan Magee, Simon Mathers, Jonathan McCree, Nika Neelova, Paloma Proudfoot & Aniela Piasecka, Hans Rosenström, Freddy Tuppen.

View exhibited work

Bradley Wood - PULSE Art Fair, NYC

03 - 06/03/2016

Sim Smith we will be presenting a solo show of new paintings by Bradley Wood at PULSE Art Fair during Armory Art Week.


View Work

Donna Ruff - FOG Design+Art

14/01 - 17/01/2016

FOG Design+Art is a platform for contemporary design and art that shifts, morphs, and reveals itself through multiple forms and dimensions. FOG Design+Art is once again collaborating with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). Donna Ruff will be included in a curated exhibiton, Cut It Out, in the public areas of the fair.

Daniel Preece - Museum Emei, China

20 - 30/01/2016

Daniel Preece is one of three English artists to exhibit in the First International Invited Exhibition of Emei Contemporary Art in Sichuan Provence.

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Carla Groppi - The Columbia Threadneedle Prize

03 - 20/02/2016

Carla Groppi has been shortlisted for The Columbia Threadneedle Prize, the U.K.’s most significant prize for representational painting and drawing.

Jonathan McCree - Contemporary Art Northampton

11/12 - 28/02/2016

Jonathan McCree to exhibit at Open15, Northampton Contemporary. Curated by Ruth Claxton and Mathew Shaul.

Full list of artists:

Adrian Baynes, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Arabel Rosillo De Blas, Barnaby Lewer and Tristan Deratz, Elvis Dread, Brendan O’Neill, Charlie Billingham, Chloe Feldman Emison, David Theobold, Dawn Giles, Emma Brack, Faye Spencer, Grant Petrey, Ikran Abdille, Jade Hanley, James Paddock, Janet Milner, Jessica Harby, Jodie Wingham, Jonathan McCree, Joshua Uvieghara, Kennis Chan, Kevin McCully, Melissa Campbell, Nikkita Morgan, Priya Baxter, Ramona Zoladek, Ryan Brown, Sarah Hill, Silvia Lerin, Steve Ruiz, Susan Phillips, Tom Climent, Tyrone Williams & Jean Christophe Recchia, Valentina Casalini.


01 - 06/12/2015

Sim Smith will exhibit during Art Basel Miami Beach at CONTEXT Art Miami. Presenting new work from Tim Garwood, Jonathan McCree, Donna Ruff and Bradley Wood.

Daniel Preece - London Group exhibition

13 - 23/10/2015

Group show of new work from members of The London Group.

View Work

Carla Groppi - The Royal West of England Academy

04/10 - 29/11/2015

Carla Groppi exhibits a large scale work as part of the Autumn Exhibition at the RWA in Bristol

Patrick Murphy - Interviewed for BBC Radio 4


Patrick Murphy discusses his Roadsign Project on World at One on BBC Radio 4.

Patrick Murphy - British Road Sign Project


Patrick Murphy created this project for MADE NORTH. The project joins the north and south of England with installations at Sheffield Design Week and at London Design Festival in 2015.

In 1965 one of the most ambitious and effective information design projects was launched in Britain. The British Road Sign appeared on our streets for the very first time 50 years ago and has occupied an important role in our lives ever since, from instructing us where to go and a safe speed to travel at, to making us aware of any hazards or road works. The signs designed by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert standardised the road network, creating many of the signs we see today and produced two new typefaces: Transport and Motorway. The signage system was launched in 1965 and to celebrate its 50th anniversary we are planning a series of events that connect the north and south of England in 2015.

To mark this 50th anniversary leading artists and designers have transformed the familiar circle, triangle and square signs. They have developed concepts that evolve from current signs function of instructing people of speed limits and directions to poetically disrupting our everyday with designs that makes us stop, look and think about design and our environment in a slightly different way; less instructions and more pauses for thought.

The Design Museum was the hub of the project with it’s own bespoke installation of signs and information about the project. There will be an exclusive set of 5 limited edition screen prints of the 1965 original designs chosen by Margaret Calvert for the 50th Anniversary. 

Tim Garwood - Short artist film


Commissioned by Sim Smith, this film looks inside the kinetic world of British artist Tim Garwood.

Tim Garwood - Griffin Gallery, London

23/07 - 21/08/2015

Tim Garwood exhibits at Griffin Gallery, curated by Saatchi Gallery Chief Executive Nigel Hurst, artist Ian Davenport and Griffin Gallery director Becca Pelly-Fry.

View Work

Carla Groppi awarded The Hugh Casson Drawing Prize

08/06 - 16/08/2015

The prize of £5000 is for an original work on paper in any medium, where the emphasis is clearly on drawing.

Her work After Atget is exhibited in Gallery IX of the Royal Academy in London (Cat No. 974) as part of the Summer Exhibition.

Jonathan McCree - Short artist film


Commissioned by Sim Smith, this film looks inside the London studio of Jonathan McCree.

Carla Groppi - Awarded 2015 RWA Residncy Award

21/03 - 07/06/2015

Carla Groppi received the award following her inclusion in the exhibition Drawn at The Royal West of England Academy.

The exhibition is curated by Anita Taylor, artist, Director of Jerwood Drawing Prize and Dean of Bath School of Art & Design; Kate McFarlane, Director of Drawing Room, London; Yvonne Crossley RWA, artist and founder of The Drawing Gallery, and artists Tim Harrisson RWA and Fiona Robinson RWA.

Sim Smith now represents Bradley Wood


Sim Smith is pleased to announce the representation of New York based artist Bradley Wood.

View Work

Patrick Murphy - Public installation on Greek Street and Soho Square, London

03/02/2015 - 03/03/2016

Sim Smith will curate an installation of Patrick Murphy’s piece Flock on the streets of Soho, London. Lining the lampposts of Greek Street and Soho Square, Patrick Murphy’s brightly coloured plastic pigeons form an extension of his installation at the pioneering charity and not-for-profit members’ club, The House of St Barnabas.

The work responds to the theme of the ‘Unexpected Guest’. Banished from city centres and branded a nuisance, this installation evokes questions around the issues surrounding homelessness in urban environments; themes of ownership and feelings of being accepted or marginalised, representing any group that struggles to find a natural home or sense of acceptance in society.

The pigeons are for sale individually with 30% of the proceeds going to the House of St Barnabas on Greek Street, registered charity 207242, supporting those affected by homelessness and social exclusion back to lasting employment.

View Work

Sim Smith now represents Donna Ruff


Sim Smith is delighted to announce that we are going to be working with American artist Donna Ruff.

View Work

Daniel Preece shortlisted for Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize


Daniel Preece will exhibit in the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize at the Mall Galleries, London.

The prize was Established in 2005 by the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers and the Lynn Foundation to encourage the very best creative representational painting and promote the skill of draftsmanship. With prize money of £30,000 the Prize is one of the most prestigious awards to artists in the UK.


02 - 07/12/2014

Sim Smith will exhibit during Art Basel Miami Beach for the 2rd year running at CONTEXT Art Miami. CONTEXT is the sister fair to Art Miami dedicated to the development and reinforcement of emerging and mid-career artists. CONTEXT’s open atmosphere creates a meaningful dialogue between artists, galleries and collectors while providing the ultimate platform for established and emerging galleries to present cutting-edge and emergent talent.

Tim Garwood - Royal West of England Academy

12/10 - 07/12/2014

Tim Garwood’s painting Black Object is included in the 162nd Autumn Show.

View Work

Carla Groppi - The Arts Club, Dover Street, Award

18/09 - 25/10/2014

Carla Groppi has been awarded The Arts Club, Dover Street, Award for the Finest Drawing for her piece After Atget, DETAIL .a. INTÉRIEUR DE MR F., NÉGOCIANT, RUE MONTAIGNE.

The National Open Art Competition 2014 is held at Somerset House in London and the Minerva Theatre in Chichester with a preview hosted by Anthony Gormley and Gavin Turk.

This year’s judges were Norman Ackroyd RA, Vanessa Branson, Caroline Irby and Chris Orr RA.

View Work

Patrick Murphy - Kunsten Festival Commission, Belgium


This evolution of Murphy’s Belonging installation was commissioned for the Watou Festival, Belgium. It explores the notion that life could be better elsewhere, and how this search seems to be part of the human condition.

Globally this search can be influenced by many factors whether choosing to emigrate to another country in search of better prospects or being forced to flee your own country in fear of oppression. People go to extraordinary lengths to escape to a better future, risking everything they have including their life in pursuit of this goal.

As in Belonging the emblem of the pigeon is used to highlight the very human struggle in finding acceptance or a natural sense of place, and just as urban pigeons strive to find a home we humans try and ‘migrate’ across the globe, trying to geographically change our fortunes and ultimately search for a better set of circumstances in order to achieve happiness.

The shipping containers represent a means of escape and also the very structures and circumstances that people use or need freedom or release from. They symbolise a physical, geographical or intellectual condition.

In the Watou Festival installation the pigeons have escaped the containers and confines and have taken up residence on their own terms, now in charge of their own destiny beyond external influences.

There is further evidence of the birds current state of freedom, having shed their identity leg rings which can be found scattered across the lower container floor. In captivity pigeon owners use leg rings to identify who the pigeons belong to and from which region or country they are from. Here the leg rings symbolise the birds’ freedom, and our own freedom from whatever is obstructing our own happiness. Inside the leg rings can be found messages of hope and freedom. Visitors to the installation will be able to take these as a memento of the project.

View Work

Patrick Murphy - Art Social ’14, The House of St Barnabas, London

31/07 - 03/08/2014

Sim Smith will curate an installation of Patrick Murphy’s brightly coloured plastic pigeons inside the pioneering charity and not-for-profit members’ club, The House of St Barnabas in Soho, London as part of Art Social ’14.

The first year of this multi disciplinary festival partnered by Art Review, will boast an innovative programme of talks, interactive workshops and live music performances alongside commissioned works by acclaimed and emerging artists that will appear throughout the Grade I listed house and courtyard.

Supported by the Arts Council and programmed in collaboration with Daydreaming Projects, the festival will bring together three central artistic collaborations where visual and sonic arts meet.

Originally commissioned by the Walker Gallery for the 2012 Liverpool Biennial, Patrick Murphy’s Flock responds to the theme of the ‘Unexpected Guest’. Banished from city centres and branded a nuisance, these colourful pigeons will become a familiar sight at The House of St Barnabas over the festival and for a period of five months after its close.

Supporting the work of the charity at The House of St Barnabas through elevating the issues surrounding homelessness in urban environments, this installation is set to evoke questions about ownership and feelings of being accepted or marginalised, representing any group that struggles to find a natural home or sense of acceptance in society.

Patrick Murphy will collaborate with musician and artist Keaton Henson on this installation who will create an evocative soundscape to accompany Murphy’s Flock.

View Work

Patrick Murphy - BBC Passion


The BBC Great North Passion will work with twelve communities located across the north east of England. Twelve artists were commissioned to create works inspired by the stations of the cross. The commissions were broadcast as a live event on BBC One.

Amongst the artists were Graeme Danby, composer Will Todd, artist Richard Broderick and photographers Julian Germain and Garry Hunter.

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